Install OctoBot directly from Python sources

Deploy your OctoBot from the code in to be able to use a local Python environment, edit or audit the robot.

1. If you don't already have Python, install Python in version 3.8.

2. Clone the OctoBot repository

  • git clone

3. Install the robot's Python dependencies

  • cd OctoBot
  • python3 -m pip install -Ur requirements.txt

4. Start your OctoBot using this command:

  • python3

The management interface of your OctoBot is available on port 5001 of your system. http://localhost:5001/ or http://ip-address:5001/

See the full documentation on running OctoBot from Python sources

Your OctoBot is ready

Ways to get your OctoBot

On your own computer

Download and launch your OctoBot directly from home.

Or install OctoBot directly from its python code.