Using OctoBot

How to use OctoBot at its full potential

Setting up OctoBot

There are many ways to install OctoBot. You can directly download the executable or its Docker image and start the robot directly from home or make it run in a cloud server. It is also possible to install OctoBot directly from its python code.
Using the executable

Simply download and start the executable for your system and launch your OctoBot directly from home.

Using a cloud

Deploy your OctoBot in the cloud for free using one of the automated cloud deployements options

With Docker

Deploy your OctoBot on the environment of your choice in one command using Docker.

web interface preview
exchanges configuration preview

Configure exchanges

Add exchanges on which OctoBot will work. Authentication of these exchanges is not only mandatory for the trading simulator mode. OctoBot can handle a great number of exchanges simultaneously with optimal performances.

See OctoBot docs to get the list of supported exchanges.

Configuration of the Cryptocurrencies that should be traded

Select the cryptocurrencies to be traded by OctoBot. It is possible to select multiple trading pairs for each cryptocurrency. OctoBot will trade each of them when avaible in exchanges.

See OctoBot docs for more details on trading pairs configuration.

traded pairs configuration preview

Configuration the trading mode to use

OctoBot has many way to trade: the trading modes. Each trading mode is unique and consists in a different trading approach? Some are risky but with a high gain potential, others are focusing on small and steady gains. There are also trading modes that look for signals from platforms such as Trading modes are themselves configurable. Some trading modes are using strategies and evaluators through the evaluation chain. This chain is entierly configurable. You can chose the technical evaluators that should be used such as the RSI or the MACD and even use evaluators based on social networks.

Chat directly with your OctoBot

It is possible to remotly command your OctoBot by connecting it to Telegram. You can verify what is your robot doing, watch its portfolio, its profits, trigger an emergency sell ... Access your OctoBot from wherever you want, whenever you want thanks to its Telegram interface.

See OctoBot docs for more details on the OctoBot Telegram interface.

telegram interface
backtesting preview

Optimize your OctoBot using backtesting

Using OctoBot's backtesting, test your robot using historical data from the markets you want to trade. Most OctoBot configurations are testable in backtesting ! Fine tune your bot's configuration up to the very last detail and maximise your profits.

See OctoBot docs for more details on backtesting.

OctoBot's evaluation chain


Evaluators are autonomous workers that will publish a new evaluation each time they get new data. They can follow prices for technical analysis such as RSI or Bollinger Bands or just any major technical analysis tool. Evaluators can also follow social medias such as Twitter or Telegram in real-time.


Strategies are using evaluators to send buy, sell or neutral signals. A strategy can be compared to a brain and evaluators to senses: the brain decides what to do according to the data received from its senses.

Trading modes

Trading modes receive signals from strategies and are using them to trigger an appropriate trading response. Upon strategy signals, trading modes will create a new order, cancel an existing one or take profits for example.

price chart with technical indicators evaluators configuration preview
These features are only a subset of what is possible to achieve using OctoBot. The best way to figure out the whole range of possibilities is to try the robot yourself.
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