About OctoBot and its team

Our vision

Trading should be accessible to anyone who is interested in it. Whether it is to invest for the long term in technologies you believe in or to quickly grow your wealth in promising trends: we believe that taking part in financial markets and profiting from it should be simple.

With OctoBot, you can simply test and use the strategies that fit you. OctoBot enables you to easily experiment strategies on the markets you want thanks to its adaptable customization depth. No matter if you are a beginning or experienced trader, you can experiment with OctoBot and customize it at as you wish.

1. Download OctoBot

2. Select your exchanges

3. Choose your strategy

Your OctoBot is ready

Our goal is to enable users to focus on what matters to them, whether it is to explore the crypto world to find hidden gems or to optimize their trading strategies. OctoBot manages their trading portfolio according to the strategy they selected and tested before using their real money. Gains and risks are handled by a realiable and transparent tool that is always available and by their side.

The OctoBot project

A small open source project

February 2018, the cryptocurrency bubble just popped, a large correction as started. Guillaume and Herklos (OctoBot's founders) realise that pure technical analysis based trading starts to work well again.


After searching for a tool able automate and optimize their trades, they realise that no open source robot allows to easily achieve this task. Herklos and Guillaume decide to develop a robot that will be optimized for technical analysis based strategies and easy to use.

Birth of the OctoBot community

Thanks to its presence on github.com, OctoBot starts to grab users' attention. Slowly but steadily, the OctoBot user base grows and in early 2019, the OctoBot community was born. With time (and no communication except for the github.com repository), the community continue to get larger and larger.

In 2020, there was in average more than 100 simultaneous active users at all time. At the same time, the OctoBot project reaches a point from which the next step can start.

Launch of the ecosystem

After two years of user feedbacks, OctoBot was now stable and reliable enough for the project to scale. 2021 has been the year the OctoBot ecosystem launched:

The OctoBot team

Since 2018, OctoBot is developed without funding by Herklos and Guillaume: two passionate about the crypto world. Both have a developer background that allowed them to create OctoBot and the elements of the ecosystem based on their ideas and strong user feedbacks. All this time allowed to develop a very strong code base while in the mean time being able to focus of user need and make OctoBot evolve in the right direction.


Herklos is passionate about development and trading. He is convinced of the benefits of open source ecosystems and contributes to many projects. He is also very interested in artificial intelligence and aims to make it accessible for everyone with OctoBot.


Guillaume loves new technologies. When he discovered the crypto world, he became because instantly a fan. Being a developper at heart, with OctoBot, he intends to help the largest amount of people to benefit the most from their investment.

The OctoBot team is also made of the community of its users, some of them are part of the community for years now. It is thanks to this community that OctoBot keeps evolving to answer best the users' needs and is growing towards the most useful features.

Finally, this community is also about all the support brought to its new members using the Telegram and Discord channels. Thank you to the OctoBot community for its help and ideas.