The beta phase of the new OctoBot ecosystem is now public. With OctoBot, you can now to automate the most popular trading strategies very easily and completely free. Try it now on


With OctoBot, you can:
  • Copy a trading strategy from OctoBot Cloud. coming soon
  • Use, customize and improve an exsting strategy.
  • Create and optimize your own trading strategy using OctoBot Pro.
OctoBot is built for people who don't have much time and want the best. Many trading automation tools exist but most of them are complicated to use, expensive or are meant to be used by profesional traders.

The ecosystem

The OctoBot ecosystem is built to enable crypto-investors to get the best of their investment by using the most profitable strategies.

Strategies are provided by the community on OctoBot Cloud: earn more money by sharing your best trading strategies.

To help traders build the most efficient strategies, we created OctoBot Pro: a strategy design toolkit that enables traders to create, test, and optimize their trading strategies.

See OctoBot on github

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Set up the strategy that fits you best

Each strategy can be tested using past data or on live simulations.

By using OctoBot, you will be able to automate your trades with the strategy you have chosen and the markets you want. Whether you are a beginner or an expert trader, each strategy is testable easily without any limit.

With OctoBot, you use a robot that is verifiable and can be improved at any moment since it is open source and is now tested for many years. The OctoBot project was started in 2018.

Coming soon Explore and use community created strategies on OctoBot Cloud.

"Don't trust, verify"

OctoBot is just like most cryptocurrencies: it works in a completely transparent fashion.

What is the value of a trading strategy if it prevents you from sleeping because you are afraid of a potential bad decision ?

How to be sure the robot will behave as expected ? OctoBot's philosophy is to be as transparent and reliable as possible.

  • The code is open source in order to be able to verify how OctoBot really works
  • Trading strategies are testable on past and real time data with simulated money to ensure their reliability.

Built for performances

Multi-layer optimization

OctoBot is designed to be very fast and scalable while letting extension development easily accessible for unexperienced developers. To achieve this, OctoBot is developed in Python following an asynchronous architecture using asyncio which enables CPU time optimization.

Furthermore, computation and memory intensive processes are executed using your system's optimal native code thanks to Cython.

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Latest news

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Special requests

If you are willing to sponsor the development of a new feature in OctoBot such as:

  • Supporting futures trading on a specific exchange
  • Creating a trading strategy that is completely different from the current ones
  • Connecting your OctoBot to external services
  • Adding something else

Please contact us and let's make it happen.